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Herbicides for soybean weed control without gaps

May 01, 2024 10:00 a.m.

By Valent U.S.A

Overlapping herbicide residuals helps ensure weeds remain controlled through soybean canopy closure, maximizing yield potential. Valent U.S.A.’s portfolio of residual herbicides gives growers flexibility across trait systems, setting the stage for clean fields well into summer.

“Making sure an effective preemergence herbicide is out there to control weeds is critical,” says Will Griffin, row crop segment manager for Valent U.S.A. “As that plant continues to grow, a second shot over-the-top with Perpetuo® Herbicide, continues that broad-spectrum weed control, helping growers improve productivity.”

Choosing Fierce® Herbicides for preemergence weed control can help growers get a clean start, minimizing competition for sunlight and nutrients and providing up to eight weeks of broad-spectrum control of tough, resistant small-seeded broadleaves and grasses. While Perpetuo, applied as an early postemergent, overlaps the preemergence residual, preserving broad-spectrum control of yield-limiting weeds such as Palmer amaranth, lambsquarters and velvetleaf.

“It gives growers flexibility,” says Ben Meriweather, sales representative with Valent U.S.A. “Let's say a grower sprays Fierce two or three weeks before planting. That grower can plant knowing the post shot of Perpetuo, depending on weed spectrum and expected rainfall, can go out anytime between 21 to 30 days after planting.”

Overlapping residuals also prevents hard-to-control weeds, including Palmer amaranth, from emerging, ensuring a clean seedbed through canopy.

“Preemergent herbicides make everything work better,” Griffin says. When you're not fighting large weeds, those beans can jump out of the ground and grow instead of having to fight for nutrients.” 

A Sustainable Plan
Overlapping residuals also results in fewer trips across the field, less tillage needed and multiple modes of action sourced - all important components of a sustainable production plan. 

“Sustainability has been a huge buzzword in the ag industry here over the last three to five years,” Meriweather says. “Preemergent herbicides, like Fierce, save trips across the field and field work needed.”

Overlapping residuals with multiple modes of action can also minimize resistance development.

“The one thing that we see, whether it's in North Dakota, South Dakota, the Mississippi Delta, South Texas or East Georgia is that using multiple modes of action helps control weed resistance. That’s huge,” Griffin says. “From the standpoint of Fierce, having two modes of action and having the potential with Fierce MTZ or Fierce XLT to have a third mode of action, really helps differentiate us in the market. If you have one break, you've got another opportunity with a different class of herbicide to manage that weed, not just with preemergence, but also postemergence with Perpetuo.” 

Adds Griffin, “Sustainability is about making sure that we have products that sustain our growers and sustain their profitability.”

For more information about Fierce or Perpetuo Herbicides, contact your local retailer or Valent U.S.A. representative.

Always read and follow label instructions.

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