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Enhance Crop Health with Fungicide

April 17, 2024 1:30 p.m.

By Vive Crop Protection

In the intricate world of agriculture, maintaining the health of our crops is paramount. Fungal diseases pose a significant threat to crops like corn, potatoes, and sugarbeets, impacting yield and quality. However, with the right tools and techniques, farmers can safeguard their crops against these threats. Vive's AZterknot fungicide emerges as a powerful ally in this endeavor, offering targeted protection, optimized growth efficiency, and increased stress tolerance for the ultimate boost of crop health.

Fungal diseases can wreak havoc on agricultural productivity, causing yield losses and compromising crop quality. In corn, diseases like gray leaf spot and northern corn leaf blight can devastate yields if left unchecked. Potatoes are susceptible to early blight, while sugarbeets face threats like Rhizoctonia.

AZterknot®, a biostimulant + azoxystrobin fungicide, combats fungal diseases in corn, potatoes, sugarbeets, and a variety of other crops. Powered by Precision Chemistry™, AZterknot delivers targeted protection against a wide range of pathogens while also providing an added boost of plant health from the biostimulant (RSE) enhancing growth efficiency and increasing stress tolerance. What sets AZterknot apart is its efficacy and versatility, providing long-lasting disease control while minimizing the risk of resistance development. Moreover, its systemic action ensures thorough coverage and protection, even under challenging environmental conditions.

AZterknot vs Quadris vs Water Foliar Droplet Comparison

Under controlled conditions, AZterknot droplets cover 94% more surface area than Quadris®. AZterknot droplets spread better, maximizing the area covered and ultimately leading to more uniform disease protection.

Applying AZterknot is straightforward, offering convenience and flexibility to farmers. Whether through foliar or in-furrow applications, AZterknot integrates seamlessly into existing crop management practices. Like all of Vive’s Precision Chemistry solutions, AZterknot can be mixed with liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, and other crop inputs for an easier and more efficient crop protection application.

Farmers and agricultural experts attest to the effectiveness of AZterknot in safeguarding corn, potatoes, and sugarbeets from disease infections, all while increasing plant health. Testimonials highlight its role in minimizing disease pressure, reducing yield losses, and improving overall crop quality. Field trials further illustrate its efficacy, showcasing real results and increased return on investment for growers. From higher yields to enhanced marketability, AZterknot delivers tangible benefits across a wide range of crops.


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When faced with tough to control diseases, Vive's AZterknot fungicide emerges as a beacon of hope for farmers growing corn, potatoes, and sugarbeets. By integrating AZterknot into their crop management practices, farmers can fortify their crops against fungal diseases and provide them with a dual boost of plant health and disease control, ensuring robust, high-quality yields and an increased ROI.

Learn more about AZterknot fungicide by visiting https://www.vivecrop.com/products/azterknot.

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