Flexibility in corn weed control

March 06, 2024 4:49 p.m.

By Valent

With weather conditions often ranging from drought to flooding across the Corn Belt, a “normal” year seldom seems to be in the cards for corn growers.

Adverse weather conditions can affect planting timing, germination windows and herbicide activation success. That is when the application flexibility offered by Maverick® Corn Herbicide alters the odds from Mother Nature’s favor to corn growers’ advantage.

“It's important to have a wide application window because delays happen – weather patterns change, you miss a rainfall or get too much rain. Having application flexibility helps with time management,” says Jon Kohrt, Valent U.S.A. product development manager for Maverick.

With three modes of action, Maverick effectively controls a broad range of broadleaf and grassy weeds with long-lasting residual activity. Yield-robbing weeds controlled by Maverick include giant ragweed, common waterhemp, Palmer amaranth and marestail.

While Maverick is relatively new to the market, extensive field testing, including university and internal trials, have proven its efficacy, according to Will Griffin, Valent U.S.A.’s row crop segment manager.

“In recent studies, Maverick provided greater than 95% control of Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and fall panicum,” Griffin says.

Which weed species are present, weed pressure levels and Mother Nature all drive herbicide timing decisions. The flexibility Maverick offers allows retailers and growers to make the best decision for each acre, whether that is a burndown, preemergence or postemergence application up to 18-inch corn or the V6 growth stage.

For Griffin, the opportunity to improve efficiency with Maverick is top of mind.

“Not only does Maverick offer tank mix flexibility, including excellent compatibility with atrazine,” says Griffin, “Maverick’s low use rate makes handling easier, meaning less on the support equipment and easier tank mixing when you’re headed to the field.”

The application rate for Maverick is 14 fluid ounces per acre for postemergence applications and 18 to 32 fluid ounces per acre for preemergence applications.

“Corn herbicides generally have higher use rates, ranging anywhere from a quart to three quarts of product per acre,” Kohrt says. “Having Maverick with application flexibility at this low use rate is extremely beneficial and easier for the grower and applicator, and we have no compatibility issues that we've seen so far with atrazine or any of the starter fertilizers or fertilizer carriers.”

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