Adjuvants that work overtime

April 29, 2024 3:30 p.m.

Maximizing herbicide applications starts with using the right tools, including adjuvants, to bring out the best in an herbicide mix. The CHS adjuvant lineup is packed with high quality, high-performance formulas to optimize crop protection performance.

But with a variety of adjuvants to choose from, what’s the best way to select the most appropriate adjuvant? Here are four adjuvants to consider this season:

Meet DRA and VRA requirements for Dicamba applications

Drift and volatility reduction agents can help to improve the precise placement of a pesticide spray by increasing the spray droplet size and minimize impact of volatilization of the herbicide applied.

Verasure Box

Verasure® is an all-in-one adjuvant with a unique combination of functioning agents that improve the performance of glyphosate, dicamba and many other herbicides that require or recommend surfactant, water conditioning, deposition and drift management as well as reducing foam in the spray tank.

  • Easy to use, all-in-one adjuvant.
  • High-quality drift control without diminishing spray pattern.
  • Meets requirements for DRA and VRA in dicamba applications.

Set the bar high with nonionic surfactants

Surfactants are categorized by ionic charge. Non-ionic surfactants (NIS) have no ionic charge and are the most common type required on labels. Organo-silicone surfactants are a newer type of surfactant and are often called “super-spreaders” due to their ability to provide greater spreading of spray solutions.

Last Chance Pro Box

Last Chance™ Pro improves the uptake, translocation, and efficacy of most herbicides. The formulation meets the surfactant level requirements of most active ingredient labels in the industry that require or recommend the use of a nonionic surfactant (NIS).

  • Formulated for increased performance over that of a standard adjuvant program.
  • Improves uptake, translocation, and efficacy of herbicide applications. Low use rate and
  • additional defoamer allows for convenient mixing and handling.

Demand better coverage from deposition aids and drift control agents

Deposition aids, or stickers, are often used to increase the ability of water-soluble pesticide particles to stick to a plant’s surface, reducing evaporation for a waterproof coating. This stickiness helps to keep the particles in place through rain and irrigation, while preventing degradation from UV rays.


Drift control agents can help to improve the precise placement of a pesticide spray by increasing the spray droplet size. Larger droplets remain on leaves longer and spread better than smaller droplets, helping with improved foliar intake.

petrichor box

Petrichor® improves coverage and deposition and reduces off-site drift of pesticides being applied by ground or air.

  • Industry leading drift and deposition agent.
  • Low 3 oz./Acre use rate is equivalent to industry standard of 4 oz.
  • Made with highly refined soybean oil for enhanced performance, storage stability, and mixing.

Increase effectiveness with water conditioning agents

Water is an essential and working part of any spray solution. The molecular, chemical and physical properties of water used in a tank mix can change the effectiveness of the solution. Adding a water conditioning agent will bind to molecules in hard water ions to maintain the effectiveness of the crop protection products used.

Tapran box

Tapran™ is a multi-functional, high-efficacy adjuvant that helps activate herbicides for better performance against tough-to-control weeds, including later season weeds.

  • High quality concentration of emulsifiers and methylated seed oil.
  • Flexible across a broad range of herbicides.
  • Made with highly refined soybean oil for enhanced performance, stability, and mixing.

When selecting adjuvants, the decision should always be based on agronomically sound information and customer needs, including the site to be sprayed, the target pest, and the equipment to be used.


To learn more about the CHS adjuvant lineup, their ingredients, and their functions, download our adjuvant whitepaper, ‘Using Adjuvants to Improve Crop Protection Performance’. Visit for full line of CHS adjuvants or talk to your CHS agronomy representative about what adjuvant solutions will work best for your operation.