STI Customized blender operator

Think outside the seed treatment box

November 30, 2023 11:00 a.m.

Agriculture is about results. That means suboptimal solutions are not an option. And that’s why CHS agronomy offers STI Customized. STI Customized seed treatments are custom-blended, seed treatment options for soybeans, wheat, peas, lentil and potatoes that are custom made for your success.


Tailored for success

STI Customized seed treatments provide tailored protection against environmental and pest pressures to optimize yields.

With over 13,000 possible blends for various crops, these sustainable and cost-effective treatments are computer-controlled for precision. With STI Customized, retailers can choose from many leading chemistries to create a perfect combination of treatments that meet specific needs.


Build a custom blend

With numerous fungicides, insecticides, nematicides, micronutrients, colorants and slurry rate options, there are an extensive array of treatment possibilities. 

Custom Blend Graphic


The seed treatment process

Step 1: Select treatment components
Step 2: Select package size
Step 3: Select slurry rate and color
Step 4: Blend is shipped

Every seed treatment begins with an assessment from a CHS representative. They will consider agronomics, economics and crop appearance to determine a recommended approach.

If a custom blend is chosen, the CHS team will get to work developing a custom formula.


With STI Customized, selecting the right combination is as easy as contacting a local CHS representative or visit to get started on your custom seed treatment blend.