Give your yields a boron boost

May 15, 2023 11:09 a.m.

Boron is essential for the growth and development of quality crops. The nutrient plays a key role in plant functions like cell wall formation, structural integrity, energy uptake, pollination and more. And, considering boron deficiency causes problems like stunted growth and reduction in root formation, early application is recommended.

Function of Boron in plants

From promoting maturity and improving seed set to maintaining stability and function of plants cell wall membranes, boron contributes many functions to proper plant growth.

Essential in plant growth and cell development, and even more critical in seed (grain) development, it is important to have adequate boron available in the soil to ensure optimal growth, especially in the reproductive stages of the growing season. Ample boron supply is also necessary for nitrogen fixation in legume crops.

 Boron Deficiency soybeans

Boron enhances the uptake of Ca, Mg and K and aids in the use and regulations of other nutrients like phosphorus and potassium through a healthy root structure. 

Signs and Symptoms of Boron Deficiency

As an important factor in cell growth, B deficiency can be easily identified through the growing tips of the root or shoot as well as:

  • Poor seed set
  • Breakdown of growing tip tissue
  • Delay in new growth and death of younger leaves
  • Breakdown of root crops developing dark discolorations
  • Rhizobia development in the roots is inhibited
  • Decrease in rate of water absorption

Causes of Boron Deficiency 

Boron is one of the most commonly deficient nutrients brought on by several different causes. A few factors causing B deficiency and lack of availability include:

  • Soils with low moisture
  • Coarse, well drained sandy soils and soils with low organic matter
  • Irrigated sandy soils, and soils with a pH>8

Moxon B for maximum performance

Set crops up for success and give your yield a boost with Moxon B. Early application improves root growth, stress tolerance, and water and nutrient uptake.

Moxon B box 

Equipped with 7.5% foliar boron and our patented Levesol® — an advanced, patented nutrient efficiency solution with a scientifically-proven chelate. This unique formulation makes phosphorous, zinc and other micronutrients more available to plants. That means healthier, heartier, and more plentiful crops.

  • Aids stress management – Abiotic & Biotic
  • Addresses “herbicide hangover”
  • Drives Rooting = Increased water use efficiency & nutrient uptake
  • Aids plant with additional nutrition during peak nutrient demand period

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