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Zinc ahead or fall behind

May 03, 2023 4:00 p.m.

Zinc (Zn) is an essential micronutrient required for the healthy growth and development of crops.

The role of zinc in the plant

Zinc plays various roles in the plant for plant growth, development and stress tolerance. Zinc deficiency can lead to stunted growth, reduced yield, and poor-quality produce, making it critical for farmers to ensure sufficient zinc levels in their crops. Zinc is required to produce chlorophyll. Without sufficient zinc, plants may develop chlorosis, a condition where leaves turn yellow due to a lack of chlorophyll. Zinc plays a role in the production of plant hormones involved in cell division, growth and development. Zinc helps plants tolerate environmental stressors such as drought, salinity and extreme temperatures.

Zinc deficiency

Zinc deficiency in crops occurs in soils with low organic matter content, high pH and those with high levels of phosphorus, calcium, or iron. These conditions limit the availability of zinc to plants, making it difficult for them to absorb the nutrient.


One of the most common symptoms of zinc deficiency in crops is chlorosis, where the leaves of the plant turn yellow, often starting at the base of the plant and progressing upward. This occurs due to the reduced production of chlorophyll, the pigment responsible for photosynthesis. In severe cases, the leaves may become necrotic, meaning they die and turn brown.

Another symptom of zinc deficiency is stunted growth. Zinc is essential for cell division and elongation, and without it, the plant's growth is impaired. This results in shorter plants with fewer branches, leading to reduced yield.

Zinc solutions

Chelation makes fertilizer work. And since there are different types of chelate, there are different types of fertilizer performance. The concentration of Levesol’s patented ortho-ortho EDDHA chelate is so strong and pure that it also makes other micronutrients in the soil soluble 

for uptake.

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Levesol® Zn is a zinc solution chelated with ortho-ortho EDDHA and designed to significantly enhance the nutrient availability when applied with liquid starter fertilizers.