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Dual protection against early cereal killers

January 04, 2023

Pythium, Fusarium, wireworm, oh my! These early season cereal diseases and pests are the last thing growers want to worry about. That’s why CHS offers Artect FI in their seed treatment line up. Artect™ FI is a seed treatment product providing contact and systemic seed and seedling protection against the disease and pest pressures wheat growers face.


Multiple Pythium and Fusarium species are some of the most common soil-borne pathogens that infect cereal crops. Root rot, crown rot, stunted growth and wilting are just a few of the characteristics of Pythium and Fusarium that can lead to lower yields.


The dual mode of action creates a complete zone of defense above and below ground and offers growers a new mode of action to manage Pythium. Unique ethaboxam active ingredient provides growers with a new solution that is tough on Pythium, including metalaxyl resistant isolates.


This formulation also includes clothianidin, providing suppression for troublesome wireworms. Wireworms are a problem in many crops and in many areas of the country.  It is important to have protection against this frequently occurring pest.


Artect™ FI from CHS is a ready-to-use fungicide and insecticide seed treatment that offers wheat growers protection against wireworms, Pythium, Fusarium (scab), and Rhizoctonia (root rot). This user-friendly formulation provides even seed coverage, smooth planter flowability, and performs in a wide range of temperatures. 


This three-fungicide, one insecticide premix is a user-friendly seed treatment, equipped with a polymer that improves planter flowability and treatment adhesion. The low use rate ensures a consistent, even application and easy treatment experience.

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