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Start strong and finish stronger with Levesol Zn

December 22, 2022 11:00 a.m.

Years come and go, but one thing remains the same: a strong start to growing season is essential to your yields during harvest.

Applying a starter fertilizer with Levesol Zn, gives crops the start they need by more efficiently providing roots with the nutrients they need to achieve optimal growth. Avoid some common early yield loss risks this year by enhancing the efficiency of your starter fertilizer to your fertility plan this spring. 

There are significant benefits to using Levesol Zn whether you've used a starter fertilizer for years or are exploring it was an option this year.

A little goes a long way

Since starter fertilizer is applied in-furrow or near furrow, high concentrations are not needed. The roots are right there where the fertilizer is placed, making nutrients readily accessible to the young roots.

Rapid early season growth and crop uniformity

Low temperatures and wet soils in the spring can limit the microbial activity and mineralization process needed to supply seedlings with critical nutrients. In areas like the upper Midwest where the soils are cold and wet during planting, starter fertilizer can help lessen seedling stress by providing available nutrients to the roots to start crops off with an even stand.

Stronger, healthier plants and higher yield potential

Starter fertilizer help with seedling vigor to withstand adverse conditions after planting, but it also sets up the plant for earlier flowering and crop maturity. This can result in improved yield, especially in years of early frost in the fall, as well as lower grain moisture at harvest.

Ability to add micronutrients

Plant growth add-ins like zinc and nitrogen have a synergistic effect for better overall results compared to using one or two nutrients alone. Adding plant growth regulators, biostimulants or micronutrients like zinc and nitrogen to starter fertilizer helps lead to a stronger, healthier yield.

Increased fertilizer efficiency

Levesol Zn increases the length of time zinc is available to the plant while also allowing making zinc, phosphorus, and other micronutrients already present in the soil more available for plant uptake. Enhanced nutrient availability increases speed of emergence, overall plant health, and ultimately yield.

Meet the growing demand for starter fertilizers that help growers plant earlier, improve crop returns and fine-tune their fertility programs. Proprietary starter fertilizers, including Levesol Zn and Paralign, from CHS also help you accelerate your business growth and earn stronger margins.

To learn more about starter fertilizers or Levesol Zn contact your CHS Agronomy representative or visit the CHS website.