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Protect Your Winter Wheat with STI Customized

September 19, 2022 7:00 a.m.

Seed treatments play a crucial role by providing protection for the seed and seedlings against disease and insect pressure from the moment they are planted. There are hundreds of pathogens and insects that can damage or even kill the seed or seedlings before they even have a chance to develop, which can negatively influence the crop’s progress throughout the growing season and have a major impact on the yield results at harvest time.

Pest and disease pressures can also affect the plant’s growth and development throughout the season because of poor nutrient uptake or reduced stand establishment which can impact the crops’ overall yield.

Most crops benefit from a seed treatment. Diseases and insects common to winter wheat such as Pythium, Rhizoctonia, and Fusarium along with wireworm can be managed with the use of seed treatments. If a grower is wanting a high wheat yield, a comprehensive plan needs to be developed before the seed goes into the ground. Part of that plan needs to include control of insects and disease pressures.

Seed Treatment Options

Continued advancements in seed treatment have allowed ag retailers a variety of options to help growers protect their crops from the hundreds of fungi and insects that may negatively impact their crop yields. Seed treatments as part of a strong crop management plan can help growers achieve the higher yields they strive to produce each growing season. You can help improve those results by offering custom blended seed treatments with CHS Agronomy’s STI Customized.

STI Customized is a custom-blending seed treatment service that enables retailers to offer custom blended seed treatments for the customers. STI Customized uses some of the most proven products along with the latest chemistries to enter the market to build a retailer an outstanding offering with exceptional value. CHS Agronomy blending sites allow their ag retailers to choose from over 350 custom blends or create a completely new and unique blend for their specific needs. By providing options for growers and retailers, CHS Agronomy is able to help customers create the most diverse and customized blended seed treatment that works for their specific needs.

For more information about CHS Agronomy’s STI Customized visit CHSAgronomy.com.