Sprayer in field.

New Adjuvant Solutions Enhance Herbicide Performance

April 25, 2022 10:30 a.m.

Retailers and growers continue to face an uphill battle with weed control. Herbicide resistance, reduced herbicide efficacy and loss of chemistries due to regulation are all key factors that require new solutions to maximize herbicide applications. 

Maximizing herbicide applications starts with using the right tools, including adjuvants, to bring out the best in an herbicide mix. But with a variety of adjuvants to choose from, what’s the best way to select the most appropriate adjuvant? 

The decision should always be based on agronomically sound information and customer needs, including the site to be sprayed, the target pest, and the equipment to be used. Here are some additional tips when selecting an adjuvant. 

Read the herbicide label carefully, every time, and always follow the instructions.

The effectiveness of a tank mix is dependent on how well herbicides, adjuvants, and other ingredients work together. The amount and order of ingredients are extremely important. If mixed out of order or at the wrong rate, products can clump and gel instead of remaining in solution. This can reduce performance and clog equipment causing costly cleanup. 

Perform a jar test.

During a jar test, proportionately smaller amounts of tank- mix ingredients are mixed in order as prescribed on the label in a clear quart jar to ensure compatibility. This will show the physical compatibility of a tank mix. It will not provide information about how an ingredient may inactivate another or cause crop injury. 

Do your research.

With new pesticide and trait technology rapidly entering the market, make sure to check the herbicide manufacturer’s website for a list of approved adjuvants and learn as much as you can before using the product. Formulations can change even within the same product, and the changes may alter which types of adjuvants are recommended for use with specific products. 

Talk to the experts.

CHS Agronomy works hard to innovate and stay agile in the fast-changing crop protection market to help bring industry-leading adjuvant solutions that create value for customers. In 2022, four new high-performance adjuvants, compatible with a wide range of popular herbicides, are available to help retailers and growers compete in the up hill battle to control weeds.

To find the right adjuvant formulation for your operation, talk to your CHS Agronomy representative or visit CHSAgronomy.com/Crop-Protection.