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Prepare for a Successful Growing Season

March 04, 2022 6:00 a.m.

CHS Agronomy created the Leaders in Farming Technology (LIFT) program to provide trusted, agronomically sound resources and training to empower retailers. Through the Leaders in Farming Technology (LIFT) program, CHS Agronomy provides the latest news, technology, and best practices surrounding adjuvants, crop nutrients, crop protection, and seed treatments alongside industry leaders. With an agronomic focus, we deliver the information retailers need to provide actionable solutions to help growers produce millions of acres of healthy, profitable crops across the country.  Prepare for a successful growing season with CHS Agronomy.

CHS Agronomy

For generations, CHS has created connections to empower agriculture. Today we supply crop nutrients, crop protection, and specialized agronomy products and services to agricultural cooperatives and retailers across North America.

Crop Nutrients

N-Edge® Pro is an NBPT and DCD combination nitrogen stabilizer that protects against volatility, leaching, and denitrification in both below and above ground applications. N-Edge Pro helps keep nitrogen available longer in the root zone, providing greater opportunities for healthy crops that will reach their maximum yield potential. Applications help fine-tune fertility programs, protect against groundwater contamination, reduce greenhouse gasses, and grow more for every pound of fertilizer.

Trivar ® is a chelating agent that can be added directly to a dry phosphate fertilizer and broadcasted on the field. It’s a proprietary blend of the strongest and most effective chelate, nutrient-focused enzyme, and plant-critical micronutrients. Its three unique modes of action work to prevent micronutrients from binding with phosphorus, convert phosphorus to a plant-available form while adding additional zinc and boron. Trivar is effective in both fall and spring applications.

Levesol® Zn is a zinc solution chelated with ortho-ortho EDDHA. It is designed to significantly enhance nutrient availability when applied with liquid starter fertilizers. Levesol Zn increases the length of time zinc is available to the plant. It allows zinc, phosphorus, and other micronutrients already present in the soil to be more available for plant uptake and enhances nutrient availability, speed of emergence, overall plant health, and yield.

Crop Protection

Adjuvants that hit the mark

Last Chance™ Pro improves the uptake, translocation, and efficacy of most herbicides. The formulation meets the surfactant level requirements of most active ingredient labels in the industry that require or recommend the use of a nonionic surfactant (NIS). This superior deposition aid significantly improves uniform coverage, adhesion, and penetration of the active ingredient through waxy or weather-hardened cuticles.

Verasureis an all-in-one adjuvant that contains nonionic surfactants, water conditioning agents, deposition and drift management aids, and defoamer.  The unique combination of functioning agents improves the performance of glyphosate, dicamba, and many other herbicides that require or recommend surfactant, water conditioning, deposition, and drift management as well as reducing foam in the spray tank.

Seed Treatments with best-in-class benefits

STI Customized seed treatment blending services utilize proven products from industry-leading manufacturers, enabling you to create unique, customized seed treatment blends with the products, rates, color, polymer, and application rates needed for highly targeted, local precision.

For more information on CHS Agronomy products and services visit or reach out to your local CHS representative to prepare for a successful growing season.