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The most effective iron in agriculture

Chelated with the purest ortho-ortho EDDHA that exists, Soygreen brands are the leading micronutrient for overcoming iron deficiency chlorosis in soybeans. Exclusively distributed by CHS Agronomy, Soygreen is an iron (Fe) formula developed for soybeans and other crops suffering from iron deficiency chlorosis. It has the purest and highest concentration of ortho-ortho EDDHA chelate compared to other premium micronutrient products. This chelating agent keeps the iron (Fe) soluble for uptake, and even makes other nutrients in the soil available to the plant.



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Soygreen chelation

Chelation makes fertilizer work. And since there are different types of chelate, there are different types of fertilizer performance. The concentration of ortho-ortho EDDHA in Soygreen is so strong and so pure that it even makes other micronutrients in the soil soluble for uptake.

pH levels in soil

When pH levels are above 7, the soil is basic. And soils with these highly alkaline pH levels often prevent plant roots from reducing iron to a soluble state.

Impact of chlorosis

If plant roots can’t take up ferrous iron (FE2+), they become deficient. The symptoms that follow are weak plant vigor, yellowing leaves and total non-emergence in certain areas.

Iron solubility

Iron is always in a ferric (FE3+) state when it’s in the soil. But plant roots need to reduce ferric iron (FE3+) into ferrous iron (FE2+) in order to make it soluble for uptake.

Chelate concentration

Soygreen not only has the purest form of ortho-ortho EDDHA, it also contained the highest percentage of water-soluble and stable iron at 80% compared to two imitators sold in 2016 at 47%.



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Buy and apply Soygreen according to your soil fertility needs

Soygreen is available in three different formulations to better fit your application needs. A dry water-soluble powder that is easy to mix and apply, a convenient liquid solution for ease and convenience, and a granular blend that is designed for the air seeder market.

Soygreen® is a powder iron product chelated with Levesol's ortho-ortho EDDHA, making it the most effective and proven IDC product on the market.

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Soygreen® AST is a liquid ortho-ortho EDDHA chelated iron solution designed to minimize leaching and allow product to be available in the root zone longer.

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Soygreen® Granular 2.4 is a superior granular iron product containing Levesol’s ortho-ortho EDDHA chelate and designed for air seeder application.

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