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N-Edge® Pro

Show nitrogen loss who's boss

There are a lot of ways that nitrogen can end up out of reach. N-Edge Pro is the safety net, using dual modes of action to keep soil free from volatilization and denitrification above ground- and free from leaching below. Because when nitrogen stays where it’s supposed to be, crops and growers win.

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N-Edge Pro - behold the protector.

Triple protection.
One mighty nitrogen stabilizer.

N-Edge® Pro is a 17% NBPT and 23% DCD combination nitrogen stabilizer that can be applied to both above and below ground applications of urea and urea ammonia nitrate (UAN) to protect against volatility leaching and denitrification.

Two are better than one

  • Protects from above ground nitrogen from ammonia volatilization.
  • Protects below ground nitrogen from denitrification and leaching.
  • Dual formulation and proven solvent offer enhanced mixing and handling.

3 forms of Nitrogen loss

There are 3 key ways nitrogen can be lost, volatilization, de-nitrification, and leaching. When added together, that is up to 95% of your nitrogen investment that is at risk of loss.


30% can be lost to the atmosphere through volatilization

5% - 35% can be lost through biological oxidation, or “de-nitrification”

As much as 30% can be leached, or lost through soil moisture

Protect nitrogen in two places

Above ground protection

Industry proven NBPT urease inhibitor that prevents naturally occurring urease enzymes from breaking down urea-based nitrogen fertilizers, preventing ammonia volatilization.

  17% NBPT and 23% DCD

Below ground protection

DCD Nitrification inhibitor blocks the activity of bacteria that turns ammonium into nitrate, which is susceptible to leaching and denitrification. Leaching moves nitrogen out of the root zone and denitrification changes the form of nitrogen, making it less available for crop update. 

What gives N-Edge the edge

Penetrating agent

Ensures the proven active ingredient (DCD) spreads throughout the treated granule.

Increased nitrogen efficiency

Creates an enhanced efficiency fertilizer for all crops, turf and forestry.

Superior handling

Penetrates better, dries faster and enables treated fertilizer to perform well under a wide range of conditions.

Improved nutrient management

Reduces nitrogen losses, providing a better supply for early growth, yield optimization and plant health.

N-Edge Soil

N-Edge® Pro nitrogen stabilizer from CHS protects growers’ fertilizer investment, helping to ensure optimal nitrogen availability in both above and below ground applications.

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Buy and apply N-Edge according to your nitrogen management needs

N-Edge is available in four different formulations to better fit your application needs.


N-Edge® helps you fine-tune your fertility programs, reduce greenhouse gases, and grow more from every pound of fertilizer.

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N-Edge 2

N-Edge® 2 helps you fine-tune your fertility programs, reduce greenhouse gases, and grow more from every pound of fertilizer.

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N-Edge Soil 2

N-Edge® Soil 2 is a high-load DCD nitrogen stabilizer that provides protection against leaching and denitrification with below ground applications.

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