agronomists in field with grower

8 tips to help agronomists through growing season

June 08, 2023 9:00 a.m.

When growing season arrives, it's all hands-on deck for agronomists. Whether you’re crop scouting, assisting growers with soil management or making crop protection recommendations, you need some help to get through the crazy, busy days.


Check out some tips to help an agronomist get through the day.

 1. Early bird gets the worm

It's best to set your alarm and wake up early to be the first to the field that day. Another perk of waking up early? Your office has a great view of the sunrise!

2. Avoid the farmer's tan

There’s a reason it's called a farmer’s tan. While you’re spending hours in the sun and heat, always wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself.

3. A truck with AC is required

After a long day in the heat, there’s no better relief than an air-conditioned cab. Give your truck a tune-up and make sure your AC is working before the busy season starts.

4.SPF all over

Sunscreen isn’t just for your arms: lip balm with SPF will prevent you from sunburnt lips.

5. Do some goat yoga

Digging holes and taking plant samples means you will be bending down all day. Take your back pain into your own hands and incorporate some quick stretches into your daily routine to loosen yourself up. Goats are optional.

6. Prepare for quick meals on the road

Whether it’s a sack lunch or food from the quick local spot that has the best burgers around, you will get used to eating on the road. Plan to allow yourself time to eat three meals a day. Hunger is not your friend in the heart.

7. Hydration is key

There is no such thing as too much water. Make sure your coolers are full of multiple bottles of water and ice to keep it cool. 

8. You will put lots of miles on your truck

Get used to lots of open roads. Invest in a quality stereo in your truck and some playlists with your favorite songs or podcasts to pass the time. It's also a great time to call your mom.


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