Rows of corn

Maximizing corn crop potential

June 06, 2024 6:30 a.m.


The growing season is unpredictable, and maintaining crop health throughout is vital. At-Plant crop protection plays a crucial role in protecting corn plants from threats and promoting healthy growth.

At this point in the season, the corn crop has been planted, and At-Plant applications have been made. As that crop grows, your At-Plant decisions are already working in your favor, providing several key benefits to help plants reach their full yield potential.


  1. Ongoing disease control

    Utilizing an At-Plant fungicide is a strategic approach for comprehensive disease management throughout the growing season. With high systemic activity, fungicides provide continuous protection during early- and mid- season growth stages, protecting plant health and vigor while minimizing the impact of disease outbreaks. This proactive strategy is especially crucial for preserving yield potential and building a healthier plant that can stand up to a variety of foliar diseases, like tar spot, during the long growing season.

    Xyway® brand fungicides from FMC are At-Plant solutions that have a revolutionized defense against foliar diseases. By applying Xyway brand fungicides at planting, corn growers ensure foliar disease protection right from the start.


  2. Crop advantages beyond disease protection

As the season unfolds, growers who used At-Plant solutions may start to observe additional plant physiological benefits in their plants beyond disease control. Growers who applied Xyway brand fungicides notice enhancements in root growth, nutrient uptake, water movement and overall physiological development, resulting in healthier and stronger plants that can better withstand the pressures of the growing season.

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