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Selecting for Results: What to Look for When Choosing Corn Herbicides

May 25, 2023 3:00 p.m.


The corn crop is in the ground, and now there are critical weed management decisions growers need to make to protect yield potential and future seasons. One of the primary decisions growers face is deciding what herbicides to use to minimize weed populations.

Depending on conditions after planting, weed populations need to be controlled with a timely pre and postemergence herbicide application to prevent rapid weed growth. For determining what herbicides to put in the sprayer tank, there are a handful of herbicide attributes growers need to look for when seeking solutions and building the tank mix.

Effective active ingredients

Herbicide programs built on the best active ingredients ensure longer control and enhanced return on investment. In addition to achieving effective weed control, herbicide programs should be selected based on their ability to manage herbicide resistance. This involves using chemistries that are effective against specific problem weeds in the field. It’s important for growers to build a herbicide tank mix with effective active ingredients that match the weed spectrum in the field.

Flexibility in the tank

When seeking herbicides to build the tank mix, look for solutions that are easy to handle and flexible. Flexible herbicide attributes include:

  • Compatibility with glyphosate, other herbicides and liquid fertilizers.
  • Ability to tailor rates for a particular weed spectrum.

Long residual control

Many weeds, like waterhemp and pigweed, continue to germinate throughout the entire growing season. To keep those weeds at bay, growers should utilize herbicides with a strong residual as part of their weed control strategy. By applying residual herbicides, growers achieve continuous protection to help keep fields clean and help yields all season long.

When looking for tank mix herbicide options, Anthem® MAXX herbicide stands out as a versatile solution with proven success. An excellent fit for a pre or postemergent weed management program, Anthem MAXX herbicide gives corn growers superior residual weed control in-season against broadleaf weeds and grasses with a wide application window. This low use rate herbicide has dual modes of action that can help curb resistance in fields. It also can be effectively tank mixed with glyphosate, triazines, ALS-inhibiting products, liquid fertilizers and HPPD-inhibiting products.

There are many agronomic and economic benefits for growers who take a versatile approach to weed management and product choices for their tank mixes in the sprayer. By deploying effective herbicides with long residual control, corn growers can help achieve success in their fields today and in the future.

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