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Stop Waterhemp from Stealing Yield

February 09, 2023 7:00 a.m.

By Syngenta

Season after season, growers face the challenge of tough, herbicide-resistant weeds. It is important that growers have the right tools in their toolbox to be able to handle these herbicide resistant weeds quickly and effectively before it becomes a larger issue.

In an AgWeb poll of about 400 farmers, waterhemp earns the title of "top weed nemesis" with a staggering 35% of the votes. But why is waterhemp so tough to control? 

Waterhemp is a small-seeded broadleaf weed that compensates for its tiny seed size with a higher growth rate than most weeds. Its lightweight seeds thrive in minimum and no-till situations, where they quickly germinate near the soil surface or in crop residue. Waterhemp plants generally produce about 250,000 seeds per plant, although some plants can produce as many as 1 million seeds, making them a prevalent and costly problem for corn growers.

Waterhemp emerges throughout the growing season, and a higher percentage of this plant appears later in the season than most annual summer weeds. This allows waterhemp to escape many preemergence herbicide applications, and often allows this species to flourish after post-emergence applications of non-residual herbicides like glyphosate. Waterhemp plants that are left to go to seed can quickly populate the soil seed bank with millions of seedlings, spreading resistance and ensuring it remains a costly problem for years to come.

Advanced Technology. Enhanced Control.

As weeds become harder to control with each passing season, growers are actively seeking herbicides that control nutrient and yield-robbing weeds better, faster, longer and with greater consistency.

For out-of-this-world weed control of waterhemp, we recommend Acuron® GT post-emergence corn herbicide. With the powerful combination of 4 active ingredients, including bicyclopyrone, and 3 sites of action, Acuron GT delivers faster knockdown and enhanced control of tough-to-control weeds like waterhemp. In a recent email survey, Acuron GT customers who identified waterhemp as their most troublesome weed rated Acuron GT 5 out of 5 stars on average for its performance. Need to see it to believe it? Explore the performance map to see the proven results of Acuron GT near you.

Better Yield is the Better Deal

When you start with agronomics and your end profitability goal in mind, you can better assess what practices and products will get you there. Before you commit to a season-long “deal” that may limit your choices, do some math and see how everything pencils out — because better yield with Acuron GT is the better deal.

Learn more about Acuron GT and its ultimate post-emergence weed control.

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