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In-Season Potato Protection

May 19, 2022 1:00 p.m.

By Vive

With potatoes mostly in the ground, it is time for growers to turn their attention to in-season disease control. The last thing a potato grower needs is to lose quality and yield with an onset of pest pressure. Whether you are combating diseases or insects it is crucial to get in-season potato protection out on your fields in a timely manner.

AZteriod FC data

If disease pressure is your biggest concern, like Black Dot, Early Blight, Late Blight, or Powdery Mildew, try a foliar application of AZterknot fungicide. A 3-in-1 biological + chemical + Allosperse fungicide, AZterknot combines the proven power of azoxystrobin and the plant health benefits of Reynoutria sachalinensis extract with the mixability of Allosperse. AZterknot is an excellent early season or late season application for growers that is cost effective and provides consistent results.

According to Jonathan Adamson, Western Region Sales Manager at Vive Crop Protection, “When growers are looking for disease control and plant health benefits to keep potatoes healthy and strong late into the season, they should look to a foliar application of AZterknot. In both research trials and from grower experience, we’ve seen that crops stay greener longer and have less disease later in the season.”

On the other hand, are yield-robbing nematodes your biggest pest? Apply a chemigation application of Averland FC nematicide/insecticide/miticide. Averland FC is great for nematode suppression when additional help is needed. Currently, many potato growers use Vydate® C-LV insecticide/nematicide through a chemigation system to suppress nematodes in-season, however Vydate C-LV is expensive and hazardous to handle. Trials have consistently shown that substituting Averland FC for two applications of Vydate C-LV improved overall suppression of nematodes. Along with the added suppression and a different mode of action, Averland FC is less money per acre compared to Vydate C-LV, keeping more money in your pocket.

Vive products contain the Allosperse® Delivery System, a unique proprietary technology that changes how proven active ingredients behave in the spray tank. Using patented nano-polymer shuttles, Allosperse carries the active ingredient where it needs to go. Allosperse targets and optimizes the interaction between active ingredients, foliar feeds, liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, biologicals, and other chemicals to ensure product compatibility and performance is at its very best.

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